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Sitation has worked with retailers, B2B resellers and distributors, and others with large online catalogs for years. Product content is always a challenge – making it accurate, and more importantly, compelling to the end user.

In perhaps an unlikely niche, we’ve found an amazing example of compelling copy, and wanted to share with you.

Below is a real Craigslist ad, advertising a well-used truck. Notice the writer’s appeal to the emotions of the reader – this is brilliantly done! We can all learn something from this approach, especially for less-exciting product categories (here’s looking at you, office products!).

Tired of getting stuck in traffic?.. Stop banging on your steering wheel and cussing at your window! Buy this truck and just RUN EM OVER!!

And I’m not FBI or CIA or nothin’ but Mechanics keep telling me my monster truck is bulletproofed. So if you’re ever rolling through some sketchy neighborhoods you’re good if they shoot at you.

These ginormous 3.1ft tall tires sling not only mud, but the baddest 4 chicks you can throw in that massive lariat xlt crew cab! And lets not forget about the other 20 sum people that can fit in that stupid long 8 foot long bed! Party bus.. Or monster truck? Idk.. But both sound absolutely fantastic.

Son… Let me tell you.. This thang puts more power to the ground than a nacho libre body slam after a friday night of grande supremes. Powered by a 747,000 jet engine turbo equipped with a wicked wheel turbine, whistles so loud it’ll make any females head turn.

Source: Raleigh Craigslist. Edited for spelling and clarity.

We don’t know who the writer is or what he does for a living, but we’re confident he’d find success in marketing!

Look for inspiration in unlikely places – sometimes you’ll find a gem!