What We Do

Sitation offers a broad range of products and services for digital merchandising. But at the end of the day, what we really do is all about value to our clients, and even more importantly, to our client's customers.

We have 3 driving principles with all our projects.

We are data-driven:
We don't shoot from the hip; decisions and recommendations are made based on hard facts derived from primary sources.
We are customer-focused:
Everything we do is to benefit the end user. Think about the information needs of customers, and create experiences which better serve them.
We create executive visibility:
We work toward the elimination of manual, ad hoc processes, and replace them with well-defined, scalable, and measurable workflows.

We are committed to your success, and guarantee the quality of our work. Bottom line - if we don't deliver value, we keep working until we do, or we don't get paid. That's the Sitation way.

We Enable Growth

At the heart of all our products and services is the goal of enabling scale and growth for our clients.

We Innovate

Technology is at our core, and we love driving new experiences and new methods in collaboration with our clients..

We Solve Problems

Our customers love us because we get stuck projects unstuck and help them move faster.

We Deliver

We know how important of a decision it is for our clients to hire a firm like ours, and we take our responsibilities as a solution provider very seriously.