Who We Are

We are specialists in digital merchandising. Our software and services enable retailers, distributors, brands and manufactuers to build and execute scalable product content initiatives which increase traffic and conversion in a complex and highly competitive omnichannel environment.

Client Profiles

Sitation works with many different types of e-commerce companies, in a range of industries. Our customers are typically have at least $10M in annual online sales, and most are considerably larger. Most clients also sell in a large number of categories, and have a large SKU count, which can lead to operational inefficiencies.

Here are typical customer profiles:

Multi-Channel Retailers

Multi-Channel Retailers, sometimes called "Click and Mortar" companies, combine both physical and digital channels, and frequently sell to multiple customer segments, such as consumer (b2c), small business (SMB), and other B2B channels, like commercial or contract customers.

Multi-channel retail presents many challenges and opportunities in an e-commerce environment, specifically because of the presence of physical stores. Programs such as buy online, ship to store, accepting online returns at stores, or using physical stores as distribution centers for online orders provide huge opportunities for growth and expansion, but add complexity to operations. Additionally, the constant threat of channel conflict can arise.

B2B Wholesalers and Distributors

E-Commerce plays a massive role in B2B wholesale and distribution. With larger order values and the potential for lucrative contract relationships, wholesalers and distributors are pouring time and money into digital channels.

But B2B frequently becomes complicated by the burden of managing huge catalogs, with out of date pricing, missing content, and ineffective search for thousands, or even millions of products.

Sitation's offerings help B2B companies to build efficiencies and long-term competitive advantages in online channels.

Pure E-Commerce Companies

Pure E-Commerce players are "Internet-Only", meaning they have no physical stores. While this frequently simplifies operations to a certain degree, it also puts a tremendous importance on digital marketing, as there is no role for "foot traffic", as there is with traditional retail.

B2B/D2C Brands and Manufacturers

Many brands sell their products direct to consumers in addition to being sold through traditional retailers. The challenges are very similar to multi-channel retail in that channel conflict is common. Nonetheless, the unit economics are in their favor, as brands can retain more margin on a per-sale basis.