Product Content

Effective collection, manipulation, storage, and publishing of product content is critical in e-commerce environments.

Product Content (or product data) typically consists of:

  • Product Title
  • Brand
  • Description (short / long)
  • Category Assignment(s)
  • Specifications
  • Features and Benefits
  • Reviews
  • Product Images
  • Other Digital Assets (video, PDF, etc.)
  • ...and much more

With all of the complexity that makes up a single product record, it becomes clear how important a rigorous approach to product information management becomes when working with thousands, or even millions of products, which is not at all uncommon in a b2b environment.

Sitation helps clients to build and execute Product Information Management (PIM) strategies to create scalable efficiencies with product content.

Many of Sitation's projects involve what we call the e-commerce content value chain. This involves collecting, reviewing, enriching, and publishing product data according to category-specific requirements in the taxonomy (sometimes referred to as a merchandising hierarchy or product data model).

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