Data & Analytics

Success in today's highly-competitive digital landscape is driven by far more than just systems; it takes efficient and well-defined business processes, data governance, outstanding product content, and a user experience which delivers a lasting impact.

Sitation's Data & Analytics practice covers critical data-intensive processes for e-business. They include taxonomy and attribution (the physical organization of data & metadata), content (in the e-commerce world, this is typically product content, but it is any data which fits into taxonomical models), and search, both internal and external.

Taxonomy and Attribution

Taxonomy management is a core competency at Sitation, and one that we have spent countless hours tackling with our clients. Known by many names, including hierarchy, data model, or simply category structure, the taxonomy defines the categories into which products can be placed and displayed online. Most importantly, the taxonomy must also contain the rules and metadata defining how to display a category, and how to merchandise products sold in it.

Product Content Creation

With all of the complexity that makes up a single product record, it becomes clear how important a rigorous approach to product information management becomes when working with thousands, or even millions of products, which is not at all uncommon in a b2b environment. Sitation helps clients to build and execute Product Information Management (PIM) strategies to create scalable efficiencies with product content.

Site Search Optimization

Site search deals with the search engine on your own website. Sitation has experience in tuning site search engines, and in helping e-commerce organizations to analyze and improve the search experience for their customers.

E-Commerce SEO

E-Commerce SEO is different from site or brand SEO simply because of the potential for a huge number of keywords to focus, rank, and track throughout the categories, products, landing pages, and other sections of an e-commerce website. Sitation's data and analytics driven processes help clients prioritize the highest value opportunities in content workflows.