Services Overview

Sitation is a retail-oriented management consultancy with a focus on e-commerce, content management, and business automation solutions. We serve businesses of all sizes, including startups, small businesses, multi-channel and B2B retailers, and distributors ranging from consumer goods and electronics to commodity, defense and MRO industries.

Sitation offer a wide range of services to its retail and B2B clientele. Below is an overview of how we can help your organization grow and succeed.

Digital Merchandising
Digital Merchandising is a general term for activities relating to creating an outstanding customer experience in your online store. This includes creating, managing, and optimizing your taxonomy, collecting, creating and publishing product content, and delivering an outstanding site search experience to your customers.

Digital Marketing
Our Digital Marketing service offering includes everything from e-commerce SEO to on-site promotions, email marketing, search marketing, and more. Platforms such as Google Analytics are critical in understanding the effectiveness of digital marketing activities.

E-Commerce Data Management
E-Commerce runs on data and analytics. As industry professionals, we provide our clients with expert service and enterprise-grade technology to manage the huge amounts of data created and collected in an e-commerce platform. Contact us to learn more.

Sitation has deep knowledge and broad experience providing e-commerce consulting to small businesses, brick and mortar retailers, and B2B companies to improve efficiency and profitability of e-commerce operations. With expertise in SEO & site search, usability, funnel optimization, taxonomy and product information management, and more, we've built a roster of happy clients and established a long history of success.

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Sitation is comprised of experienced e-commerce professionals who have served as business leaders in some of the largest and most successful multi-channel retailers and B2B wholesalers & distributors.

As our experience and expertise is broad, we offer a range of services to our clients, encompassing the full breadth and depth of the e-commerce ecosystem.

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