Outrageously Effective Email Marketing

Email marketing can be overwhelming, but it’s worth the effort. Let us help you do it well! Emails convert at a higher rate than search ads, banners, or social links, and can help capture new business and encourage repeat purchases.

Sitation’s approach provides everything you need to be successful:


First things first – we’ll work with you to define an overall email marketing strategy. Who’s the audience you’re targeting? What do you offer them? What are your goals for the campaign?


In addition to designing your email template, we’ll plot a course for how you are implementing your email address collection on your website and elsewhere in your business.


In the implementation phase, we’ll build out your solution and launch it on your website. We’ll make sure it’s stable, responsive, and looks great!

Training & Support

Your solution is only good if you use it! We’re here to make sure your team understands how the email strategy has been implemented, and how to use the tools to their greatest possible effect.

See it in Action

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