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Aidan Noel


Aidan Noel graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas where he studied Computer Science and was a co-founder of the University’s first blockchain club. He began his career in cybersecurity, implementing new techniques for host-based intrusion detection and security data analysis and, later, developing gamified training environments for security teams. Afterwards, he spent time working in the blockchain industry, where he developed solutions for global supply-chain issues, worked with Verizon on an enterprise blockchain project, and performed security audits for a cryptocurrency wallet provider. Aidan ended up at Sitation because of a professional theme of large and complicated datasets, and a primary interest in working with fantastic people.

Outside of work, Aidan cares for his extensive cactus collection, he solders modifications into retro gaming systems, and he makes music with his friends. However, if we’re really being honest, he mostly does software development outside of work too.