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CASE STUDY: Sitation Led Implementation Cuts Time to Market in Half for Hudson & Canal

December 8, 2022

Upgrading the digital tech stack to accomplish ecommerce goals is on the to-do list for many companies. The talented team at B2B home furnishing company, Hudson & Canal knew exactly what type of solutions they were after to achieve this fundamental goal. Operating out of excel to manually create SKUs works great for a while and it certainly wasn’t stopping the show at Hudson & Canal but increasing automation allows for growth without risk of manual process errors. Simply put, automated processes give you time back. Drawn to the capabilities, as well as the straight forward roadmap for long-term growth, Hudson & Canal selected Salsify.

“When we decided we needed Salsify in our workflow operation, our business needed to scale faster with increased automation but also increased reliability and dependability of data integrity.”

Pat Haley, Senior Account Manager, Hudson & Canal

Working closely with certified experts from Sitation, the implementation of Salsify dramatically increased automation of imports, exports, workflows, and connections. Moreover, data integrity and speed, both in SKU creation and in SKU to retailer make for notable and trackable results.

“In terms of building an individual SKU, we have seen at least a 50% reduction in time. Time efforts for getting new SKUs on to retailers has reduced by 50 to nearly 100%.”

-Pat Haley, Senior Account Manager, Hudson & Canal

Visit CASE STUDY: Sitation + Salsify + Hudson & Canal  for a high quality and downloadable understanding of the success and impact of this team project.



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