Professional Services for E-Commerce

Sitation's heritage is as a digital strategy consultancy, and these critical advisory services remain central to our business model. Every company is different, from the product and teams to the unique strategies and systems involved.


Sitation's professional services team is comprised of highly-educated and highly-experienced data, merchandising, and technology professionals who have spent years in critical data and process management roles. Below are typical areas of interest where we assist our clients in designing and executing strategies for growth.

E-Business Strategy

In the e-business world, change is the only constant. There is a constant influx of new customers, systems, data, vendors, requirements, challenges, features... the list goes on and on. Distilling these changes into a strategy is where it all starts - big changes require a plan, and Sitation is the partner to help you get there.

Business Intelligence

One of Sitation's guiding principles is to help our clients move toward a proactive, data-driven approach to e-business. Driving this belief is the wisdom that there is truth in the data - the challenge is just to find it. We work extensively with our clients to quantify, present, and visualize critical data relevant to e-commerce, and to leverage data to make smarter, faster, and more confident decisions.

Data Governance

Data governance is a critical concept in enterprise processes, and this is especially true when dealing with data and content flowing from trading partners through the enterprise technology stack, and eventually to digital channels. As a key feature of Sitation's consulting practice, our data governance professionals will help to design clear roles and responsibilities for all stakeholders in data-intensive processes in order to reduce waste and create clean and scalable workflows.

Technology Enablement

Activation of new technology platforms in mid-market and enterprise companies present a host of challenges. Sitation's professional services team has broad experience leading change at large organizations, building and executing a plan for onboarding, training, and coordinating the go-live of new systems with the sunsetting of legacy platforms.