E-Commerce Expertise

Sitation has highly specialized knowledge and broad experience working with e-commerce companies, brick and mortar retailers, and B2B companies to improve efficiency and profitability of e-commerce operations.

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Email Marketing Solutions

Sitation offers end-to-end solutions that help you grow and manage your lists, simplify sending, and automate collection of key statistics from your email campaigns. Our approach gets results.

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Sales & Marketing Automation

Our clients benefit from our years of experience in sales and marketing automation. We aim to deliver solutions which convert website visitors into paying customers, consistently and profitably.

Email Marketing

A rapidly growing area of our business. We build and implement end-to-end email marketing solutions that drive higher conversions and repeat purchases for businesses of all types. We provide a pathway to success that includes implementation and training.

E-Commerce Consulting

Product information management, taxonomy management, site search, funnel optimization and more. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the business when it comes to e-commerce, brick and mortar retail, and business-to-business (B2B) providers.

From the Blog

Omnichannel is Common Sense

I saw a post go moderately viral on LinkedIn this week where an ecommerce professional lamented his experience at a big box retailer. His complaint, essentially, was that in-store management refused to accept an online coupon. He was at the store, and the store had...

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The Importance of Romance Copy

Sitation has worked with retailers, B2B resellers and distributors, and others with large online catalogs for years. Product content is always a challenge – making it accurate, and more importantly, compelling to the end user. InĀ perhaps an unlikely niche,...

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E-commerce technologies are growing and evolving at breakneck pace, and keeping up with the extraordinary selection of products, services, and technologies can be overwhelming. We help our clients cut through the noise to craft and implement sustainable e-commerce strategies that achieve real results, fostering growth and building long-term competitive advantage. Learn MoreContact Us