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CASE STUDY: RoughDraftPro Solves Product Content Creation Challenges At Scale for Havaianas


August 29, 2023


Havaianas, a renowned global footwear brand, faced the challenge of creating large-scale, localized product content to drive growth in the US market. With over 250 million pairs of sandals sold yearly, the need for precise and diverse content overwhelmed their digital team.

To address this, they turned to Sitation’s AI-powered product content creation tool, RoughDraftPro, integrating it with PIM solution, Akeneo for automation.

Take a look at the exciting results, including large-scale, localized product content, to drive growth in the US market.

 Contact us to learn more about RoughDraftPro as a solution to resolving your quality product description and content challenges.


CASE STUDY: RoughDraftPro + Havaianas






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