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Sitation has a long history of professional services for PIM and e-commerce. Learn more about our capabilities and please reach out today to discuss your needs.

Get Help Selecting the Right Product Information Management (PIM) System

A successful PIM RFP is a critical step for a growing E-Commerce business. Whether your business is replacing your existing PIM, or buying PIM technology for the first time, navigating the PIM market and identifying the right set of products to evaluate can be complicated and time-consuming.

Further, making the wrong selection can be extremely costly to your business, with the potential to not only waste time and money, but to keep your organization from fully realizing the benefits of PIM.

Sitation has been the PIM RFP partner for many top e-commerce companies, and has built an extensive network of professionals in the field. We use this unique positioning in order to help our clients achieve maximum results and impact with the purchase of their PIM.

Running a Successful PIM RFP

Sitation is happy to offer brands, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors a helping hand in conducting a thorough and effective PIM RFP in order to identify and purchase the perfect PIM for your business.

A successful RFP should accomplish several objectives:

  • Goals: what are you trying to accomplish with your PIM purchase?
  • Requirements gathering: identify the business needs driving your requirements
  • Meaningful demos: see the features that matter to your business
  • Decision support: qualitative and quantitative factors tailored to your business to help you make a great choice

Sitation’s time-tested Managed RFP Process will help you achieve these objectives and give your team the confidence to make a decision on this critical investment.

Identifying the Most Important Selection Criteria

We build the selection criteria for the PIM through a time-tested approach of research and fact finding with key personnel at your business, combined with our extensive market experience.

This includes an evaluation of:

  • Current state PIM processes
  • Data model review, including taxonomy, attributes / properties, metadata, and data quality
  • SKU, category, and supplier count
  • Needs for imports, exports, digital asset management, and syndication channels
  • Additional stakeholder interviews

Guided Demos & Estimates

Armed with detailed documentation, we will work with your team to identify a set of candidate platforms. We’ll then work with your selected candidates to schedule guided demos, with a focus on the features and offerings that are most important and relevant to your business.

We’ll ask tough questions, and make sure you see and understand the various approaches to managing different problems in PIM, including item setup, data onboarding, workflows, publishing channels, and more.

At this point, we’ll also work with the PIM vendors to get an estimate for licensing, hosting, support, implementation, and other operating costs.

Scoring & Recommendations

The last step of our process is our own data-driven recommendation process, where we will present to your management a scorecard based on more than 30 critical selection criteria, plus commentary from our PIM experts, with clear recommendations of which platform(s) we believe will be the right match for your needs.

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