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The Sitation Story

From humble beginnings as a one-person company, Sitation has emerged as a player in e-commerce. And we’re just getting started!

Our story starts in 2001…

Steve Engelbrecht, Sitation’s founder and CEO, has just completed undergraduate studies at Cornell University, and is enjoying a summer in Germany before starting his first real job at a large, well-funded startup outside Boston. Steve’s first day of work will be September 10, 2001. On Steve’s second day, the world changed.

Five weeks later, Steve, along with a third of all employees, is laid off.

October, 2001

Sitation is established from Steve’s rented apartment in Somerville, MA. In order to begin finding paid work, Steve calls on the handful of clients he worked with as an undergraduate at Cornell to make a few extra dollars building small business websites.

Before long Sitation is involved in all kinds of interesting web projects ranging from finance and real estate to engineering and politics. One of Sitation’s projects earns recognition on the prestigious Forbes “Best of the Web” awards in the travel category.

August, 2003

Steve (and Sitation) relocate to Syracuse, NY, Steve’s hometown. Sitation grows to 3 employees and does some exciting work with B2B clients experimenting with how they can push the envelope in business web applications.

May, 2007

Steve takes a 2-year hiatus from full-time work to pursue his MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

May, 2009

Steve graduates and relocates to Manhattan. Steve works as a management consultant and gets exposure to enterprise retail.

October, 2014

Sitation charts a course to focus exclusively on product information management (PIM), working with retailers and distributors.

February, 2019

With 5 years of success in PIM-focused management consulting, Steve decides to invest in growth. Four employees join Sitation in February 2019, and we never look back.

In this period of growth:

August, 2021

2.5 years later, Sitation is 35 employees, and has grown its revenues by 1,274% over a 3-year period, an honor which earns Sitation #379 on the 2021 Inc 5000 list. Sitation is now a mid-sized company, with well-established partnerships and dozens of enterprise clients.