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Artificial Intelligence

Applied AI for E-Commerce

There are countless applications of artificial intelligence in modern e-commerce. At Sitation, we generally focus on applied artificial intelligence for digital merchandising, however there are many uses cases which have more broad applications, and can be adapted easily to other verticals.

Here are a few areas of interest that we’d love to discuss with you:

AI Content Creation & Translation

Sitation works with dozens of large retailers and distributors, including many of the biggest names in e-commerce, to create and manage long-form content using generative AI.

Services include:

  • Scalable creation of product content, category content, and other “long-form” output. Our latest models can support up to 40,000 pieces of completed output per hour using structured data inputs such as product specifications.
  • Custom prompt modeling, which includes accounting for brand, tone, and voice, as well as other specific content requirements.
  • Scalable product content scorecards, including fact checking and other automated content analysis.

Learn more about RoughDraftPro, our industry-leading solution used by dozens of the world’s largest brands and manufacturers to create and manage e-commerce descriptions at scale.

Site Search & SEO

AI is broadly applicable to data and content intensive areas of digital merchandising like search where normalization, analysis, and scorecarding play important roles. Our software and services help clients to identify and execute against the biggest and best opportunities to build traffic and optimize for conversions.

Item classification is a key component of these technologies, allowing us to quickly identify and classify a term, phrase, product title, or any other block of text.


Taxonomy & Attribution

Taxonomy and attribution are at the core of everything we do at Sitation. A must-see demo is our ability to analyze and make real-time recommendations against a full e-commerce taxonomy, including attributes and data types, using our trained AI models. This is a game-changer for B2B, retail, and marketplace businesses. Please get in touch today for a demo.

    Data Mining, Scraping & Extraction

    Data extraction goes hand in hand with data modeling. As we build scalable data models, we are investing in building a new generation of data mining tools which can identify and extract structured data from unstructured data sources.

    Imagine uploading thousands of PDFs, and seeing a stream of normalized data flowing into a database or system of record. Finally, it’s possible! Lots more coming soon on these new capabilities.

    Let’s Discuss:

    The best way for us to help you is to have a conversation – please tell us a bit about your needs and we’ll set up some time to talk. Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you!