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Jasper AI

Sitation is a leading implementation partner for Jasper's powerful suite of AI tools for marketing content creation.

Sitation: A Premier Jasper Partner

Jasper is an AI copilot for enterprise marketing teams who want better outcomes, not just faster outputs. When it comes to better outcomes, there’s no better companion to Jasper than Sitation. We combine our deep knowledge of AI and LLM techonologies, copywriting expertise, and our history of successfully completing hundreds of software implementations for brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers into succesful content programs for our clients.

Jasper Partnership

Sitation provides comprehensive consultation services designed to help you make the most of your marketing programs by leveraging the Jasper AI platform. With 8+ Jasper certified consultants, we empower your team with the strategies and knowledge needed to elevate your marketing operations.

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Get Set Up for Success with Jasper

Our Jasper-certified team will ensure that you are using Jasper to its fullest potential. We will help you hit the ground running, configuring all of your key company and brand information: tone of voice and style guide, identity assets, key business details, and your teams’ shared workspaces.


Optimize for Your Audience

Effective marketing starts with understanding your audience and meeting them where they are. The best marketing campaigns begin with understanding how to capture your audience where they are, using language they understand. There are multiple components of an SEO-optimized marketing program, including technical SEO, content SEO, benchmarking, and performance tracking. Sitation can help you with all of the critical elements to create an outstanding, high-performing campaign that adds long-term value.


Expert Copywriters to Enhance Your Marketing Program

Our consulting support goes well beyond the confines of software setup. Sitation can provide expert copywriters to assist with drafting and polishing content for your approval — all while leveraging the efficiency that AI can bring — freeing your internal resources up for business-critical tasks.



Sitation & Jasper: A Winning Partnership

  • Marketing Content Experts: We can establish or refine your content strategy with a data-driven approach. Sitation’s team of copywriters creates rich, high-performance content.
  • In-Depth Artificial Intelligence Expertise: We understand how AI technologies work, have extensive experience with prompt engineering and are deeply familiar with Jasper and other AI technologies.
  • Proven Implementation Success: We have an impressive track record of successfully implementing software solutions across various industries.


Ready to start your Jasper journey? Partner with Sitation today.