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Harness the Power of PXM and PIM with Sitation + Salsify

Salsify Add-Ons & Extensions

The Salsify platform is extremely powerful, and can be infinitely extended with its broad API capabilities. Sitation is an expert in building tools and extensions using the Salsify API, and can help you achieve your goals for implementation, integration, and long-term management of the tool.

Vendor Portal for Salsify

Sitation’s vendor portal solution, powered by our underlying data modeling and data migration platform, Plezio, provides an critical method of supplier-specific visibility and functionality on the Salsify platform. Please contact us for a demo.

Custom Channels, Reporting, and Integration

Salsify is a powerful platform with many ways to get data in and out. Need an expert to help you build a downstream extension or publishing channel? We’re the team to help! Schedule some time to speak with us here.


Sitation is happy to offer custom Salsify training for you and your team to help you quickly and effectively learn and adopt the Salsify platform.

Managed Services

Learn more about our Salsify Managed Services offering.

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