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Stibo Systems

Sitation is a veteran developer, implementer, and manager of Stibo's powerful STEP platform for MDM and PIM.

Harness Unparalleled Expertise in Master Data Management with Stibo + Sitation

The need for robust product information management has never been more critical. Sitation proudly partners with Stibo Systems to bring enterprise customers holistic program design with MDM and PIM.
The integrated ecosystem of Stibo, combined with the power and expertise of Sitation, ensures a seamless and efficient digital transformation of your enterprise’s core.

Why Sitation and Stibo Systems Make a Premier Partnership

Deep Domain Expertise

Sitation excels in digital merchandising and PIM with unmatched expertise. Rooted in traditional consulting and excellence in ecommerce tech stack, we delve into your business to shape workflows and implement Stibo automations that enhance efficiency and facilitate change management adoption.

Industry Specific Subject Matter Expert Consultants

The consultants at Sitation come from the industries we serve, offering custom strategies that are both well-informed and insightful. Our team consists of industry veterans with extensive expertise in PIM and Data Management, guaranteeing that your organization maximizes the advantages of our profound domain knowledge.

Vision and Innovation

Sitation and Stibo Systems are at the forefront of thought leadership and innovation in product information management (PIM). We help clients benefit from pioneering solutions like industry-specific accelerators, and fully integrated genAI solutions like RoughDraftPro for holistic product experiences.

Expertly Managed Product Data with STEP

STEP by Stibo Systems, in collaboration with Sitation, enhances your ability to fully leverage product data management and merchandising capabilities within STEP. Sitation offers specialized software solutions designed to efficiently create and manage taxonomies and data models, tailoring them to your specific needs.

Revolutionize Your Digital Merchandising

Leveraging Sitation’s expertise in digital merchandising, our proprietary solution, Data Model Manager, complements STEP by Stibo Systems. This exceptional tool empowers enterprises to build and manage multiple taxonomies, making it ideal for businesses looking to enhance their product categorization and information structure. Sitation’s digital merchandising strategies, together with STEP’s robust product data management capabilities, create a comprehensive ecosystem to support organization optimization of product data. 

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