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Product Data Management

Sitation's rich selection of product data management capabilities are used by online sellers of all sizes to create and sustain competitive advantage

Search Engine Optimization for E-Commerce

By now everyone is familiar with the practices of Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, however the use case of SEO in the e-commerce environment is very different. Whereas a small website may only care about optimizing for a handful of terms, like “Raleigh Pizza Shop” or “Brooklyn Divorce Attorney”, the e-commerce SEO requires that every category and product is curated and managed for maximum SEO benefit. Instead of a handful of keywords, this could mean millions

There are multiple components of an e-commerce SEO program. Technical SEO, content SEO, benchmarking, and rank tracking are all critical elements. Sitation can help you with all of them to create an outstanding, high performing campaign which adds long-term value. 

Content for E-Commerce SEO

Sitation can help you achieve SEO success by building high-performance content for your products, including guidelines for length, focused content using target keywords, and research-driven targeting and the page and category level.

SEO Benchmarking

Curious where you rank vs your key competitors? Our unique analytical approach can help you get a firm grasp of the current state of the market to get a better understanding of your opportunities and weaknesses.

Rank Tracking and Analysis

Our powerful Keyword Experience Manager platform is a unique, e-commerce specific approach to rank tracking, capable of collecting hundreds of thousands of data points weekly. 

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