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Software Solutions

Sitation's powerful suite of software solutions are designed to tackle the most challenging problems in modern digital merchandising.

Keyword Experience Manager

If you’re serious about search engine optimization (SEO), then you need a powerful tool like Sitation’s Keyword Experience Manager (KEM), our proprietary site search and e-commerce SEO analytics engine designed for enterprise catalogs.

SEO Tools for E-Commerce Professionals

Digital merchandising professionals know that managing SEO for a large catalog of products is different from what other SEO pros do. At Sitation, we know the difference, and have built an SEO tool specifically for e-commerce websites.

Every product, category, and even search results are opportunities to harness the power of SEO to attract new visitors and win new business. KEM is designed for massive scale, and organizes reporting around your product taxonomy, helping you to easily review your results the same way your merchandising teams are structured.

Powerful Analytics

KEM is designed to collect ranking data from Google, providing you with valuable insights into your SEO performance. It also captures the top ten pages of search results for each keyword, allowing you to see exactly where you stand in the search rankings.

Best of all, KEM provides category-level, page-level, and domain-level reporting, so you can easily see which areas need improvement, while delivering insights that are tied to your specific product taxonomy..

And if that’s not enough, KEM also comes with a powerful UI that makes it easy to interact with millions of data points. Plus, you can export KEM data to integrate it into your other in-house reporting and workflow tools. So if you’re serious about SEO, KEM is the tool you need.

Offering a wealth of information, drill-down reporting, and historical rank tracking, KEM is a powerful tool in our digital merchandising toolbelt which can be leveraged by our clients’ digital marketing teams to identify SEO targets and track progress toward building durable, profitable organic rankings.


  • Captures huge amounts of SEO data weekly
  • Deep reporting capabilities
  • Powerful UI to allow for deep interaction with millions of data points
  • Ability to export data to integrate into your other in-house reporting and workflow tools

Want more information?

We look forward to showing you a demo of our capabilities with KEM. Please contact us to schedule a demo.