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Software Solutions

Sitation's powerful suite of software solutions are designed to tackle the most challenging problems in modern digital merchandising.

Supplier Portal

Introducing Supplier Portal, Sitation’s sophisticated solution designed for retailers and distributors who seek to efficiently collect product data from an extensive network of suppliers. Crafted for speed, simplicity, and security, Supplier Portal revolutionizes your item setup and maintenance processes by providing a streamlined web-based environment.

Seamless Integration

Connect effortlessly with Patchbay, Sitation’s Middleware for E-Commerce and tap into the full potential of a harmonious data ecosystem. Seamless integration means your data management is smooth, efficient, and most importantly, reliable.

Tailored Access

We respect and prioritize the privacy of your data. Suppliers can only see their own products, ensuring a secure, personalized experience while maintaining the integrity of your information.

Advanced Data Governance

Experience the power of robust data governance combined with intuitive validations and bulk edit capabilities. Supplier Portal enables you to manage your data confidently, accurately, and with ease.

Streamlined Workflow

Our system provides an integrated workflow for approval, rejection, review, and item-level comments, along with historical change tracking. Stay on top of every item’s journey, from inception to approval and beyond.

Efficient Asset Management

Bulk submission and linking of digital assets, such as product images and spec sheets, are made simple with Supplier Portal. Manage your assets effectively and securely without the hassle.

AI-Powered Product Matching

Our AI-powered product matching and data mapping features ensure accuracy and consistency in your data. Let Supplier Portal’s advanced technology do the heavy lifting for you.

API-Based Publishing

Eliminate the need for manual spreadsheet uploads with our API-based integrations to publish data to target systems.


    • Seamless Integration: Supplier Portal sits on top of Patchbay, Sitation’s Middleware for optimal data management and extensibility to a large number of popular platforms.
    • Tailored Access: Suppliers view and manage only their products, ensuring data privacy and accuracy.
    • Advanced Data Governance: Enjoy peace of mind with data governance, validations, and bulk edit features.
    • Streamlined Workflow: A clear, intuitive workflow for approval, rejection, review, and historical tracking.
    • Efficient Asset Management: Easily manage bulk submissions and linking of digital assets like product images and spec sheets.
    • API-Based Publishing: API integration ensures your data is seamlessly published to target systems.
    • AI-Powered Matching: Leverage our AI technology for efficient product matching and data mapping.

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    Improve your product data collection with Supplier Portal. Designed for those who value efficiency, control, and reliability in their data management processes. Experience the future of product data collection with Supplier Portal.

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