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CASE STUDY: Sitation PIM & Content Syndication Management leads to Improved Retailer Scorecards and Data Quality for Bush Brothers

September 13, 2023

managed servicesBush Brothers & Company, family-owned, American food group has delighted consumers with its wide range of bean products for over a century. As a leading player in the canned beans market, Bush’s found themselves with few supporting resources for managing PIM and Product Content Syndication priorities in a shifting ecommerce grocery market.

Sitation Managed Services offers Bush Brother & Company and continuous path forward beginning with a solution to resource challenges. Take a look at how Sitation expertise in Salsify, GDSN, and more helped evolve this engagement to include comprehensive syndication practice improvement and management.

managed services

Contact us to learn more about how Sitation Managed Services can be a solution to resolving your PIM and syndication management challenges.

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