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Sitation Managed Services: Navigating the Complex World of Syndication Management

October 24, 2023

Jessica Bagby, Sitation’s Director of  Managed Services, explains how her team can help resolve your syndication management challenges.


Managing product data syndication can be a daunting challenge. Retailers frequently change their schemas, creating bottlenecks in the syndication process. Sitation Managed Services offers businesses access to a full-service solution that effectively navigates this intricate landscape, ensuring a seamless flow of product information.


Sitation Managed Services


Through an in-depth evaluation of current PIM and/or MDM usage, Sitation Managed Services gains an understanding of the challenges and objectives faced by brands, manufacturers, and retailers alike.  Leveraging their extensive platform expertise acquired through practical experience and formal certification, the team creates a comprehensive multi-step roadmap. This sets the course for Sitation Managed Services to resolve existing roadblocks and identify future growth opportunities while also helping you optimize platform utilization.


What does Full Syndication Management Provide?


Expertise in Leading Syndication Solutions


Managed Services proficiency extends to a range of syndication solutions, including IX-One, Syndigo, Salsify, Brandbank, 1WorldSync and Label Insight. Sitation’s team of experts is intimately familiar with these platforms, ensuring that your product data is optimized for syndication across various channels and marketplaces.


syndication management


E-commerce Syndication + GDSN = Complete Data Delivery Package


For comprehensive data delivery, Sitation Managed Services combines e-commerce syndication with Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) expertise. This integration ensures that product data is consistently delivered and synchronized across the global retail landscape, providing a unified and standardized representation of your products on the digital shelf.

Adaptation to Retailer Schema Changes


One of the standout features of Sitation Managed Services is its ability to adapt swiftly to retailer schema changes. In an environment where retailers can alter their data requirements at will, Sitation acts as a proactive partner. Full Syndication Management means a team is prepared to react and adjust in real-time, reducing syndication bottlenecks and ensuring that your product data remains up-to-date and compliant with each retailer’s unique specifications.


Direct Engagement with Retailer Portals


Sitation Managed Services goes beyond the conventional approach. The talented team of experts can work directly within retailer portals and platforms. Whether it’s Item360, Amazon Vendor Central, Target Content Pipeline, LaunchPad, Lowe’s IDM, Wayfair Partner Portal, or numerous other platforms, the managed services team is well-versed in the intricacies of each. This direct engagement ensures that your product data is seamlessly integrated into each retailer’s ecosystem, saving you time and effort.


syndication management


Effective Error Resolution and Feedback Management


Sitation Managed Services doesn’t stop at syndication; they publish your data through syndication platforms and address any errors or feedback promptly. The goal is to provide you with a smooth and hassle-free syndication experience, resolving issues swiftly and ensuring that your product information is accurately represented across all channels.


Continuous Monitoring for Optimal Content


The team continuously monitors Product Display Pages (PDPs) to guarantee that the most up-to-date content goes live. Sitation Managed Services troubleshoots any blockers that may hinder your product listings, ensuring that products are always accessible to consumers with the most accurate and compelling information.


In a competitive e-commerce environment, efficient syndication management is essential for success. With Sitation Managed Services, you have a dedicated partner that not only streamlines the syndication process but also provides proactive solutions to navigate the ever-evolving retail landscape. Experience a full-service syndication management solution that adapts to your needs, simplifies complex challenges, and ensures that your products shine in the digital marketplace.

Contact us to learn if Sitation Managed Services can help fulfill your syndication management needs.

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