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RoughDraftPro AI Generator Akeneo Documentation

The RoughDraftPro Plezio Akeneo integration is an application that guides you through the process of creating and configuring a content generation job using the data in your Akeneo instance.

About the App

  • The RoughDraftPro Plezio Akeneo app is installable via the Akeneo App Store.
  • RoughDraftPro enables the enrichment of product data through generating product text via AI.
  • The trial version of RoughDraftPro allows for generation content for 10 products.
  • Currently RoughDraftPro only works in English. English locales (starting with en_) are the only supported locales at this time.
  • RoughDraftPro allows you to optionally write back generation content to your Akeneo installation to text area attributes.


Generating AI-generated content for your products in Akeneo with RoughDraftPro involves a guided process made up of a few simple steps:

  • 1. Configuring a job – You’ll choose which fields will be used to generate the AI content, and what field to write the content back to.
  • 2. Selecting products – You’ll choose which products to generate content for.
  • 3. Generating content – RoughDraftPro will generate content based on the configuration options you chose in steps 1 & 2.
  • 4. Moderating generated content – Once RoughDraftPro has generated some content, you’ll have a chance to select which content generation jobs you’d like to publish.
  • 5. Writing content back – Once you have selected which content you want to publish, RoughDraftPro will write it back to your products.

Starting a Configuration Job

The first step in the RoughDraftPro content generation process is creating a content generation job. You can start a configuration job by selecting the Generate Content tab in the RoughDraftPro module.

Click Start Content Generation Job to get started.

Configuring the Content Generation Job

Once you’ve started a content generation job, you will be presented with a number of steps.

1. Select a Family

To start off, select the family you’d like to generate content for.

2. Select a Brand Field

An important piece of data for reliably generating product descriptions is to specify a brand. If you don’t specify a brand, the product AI will often make up a brand for you!

3. Select Features

To generate good product content, the product AI needs good product data. In this step, pick at least 5 attributes that have good, descriptive content for your products. Remember – the product AI will often incorporate these attributes into the description, so pick attributes that you would use when describing this product in marketing copy. For instance, if you wouldn’t include the fact that your product weighs 6oz in a product description, there’s no need to include the weight attribute.

There is no need to select a Name attribute here, we automatically determine the product name from the family definition.

  • Category
  • Style
  • Color

Note: AI can interpret lots of different types of content, but it will not use images or other file URLs.

4. Select a Prompt Model

Prompt models determine what type of content you want to generate from your set of configured data. At this time RoughDraftPro only supports short descriptions. However, RoughDraftPro may include different types of prompt models in the future.

5. Select a Destination Field

Where should the content we generate write back to? Pick a field that can accept free-form text data.

If you are not planning to write your content back to Akeneo, don’t worry, we won’t write back without warning you – you can always skip that step and just apply the generated copy manually.

Selecting Products

Once you have configured your job, you can select products. You can currently select up to 10 products.

Each product comes with an Attribute Content Completeness score. This is simply the percentage of your selected attributes that have content for that specific product. Any attributes that have no data will not be passed to the content generation process, so the higher the Attribute Content Completeness score, the better the product content outcome will be.

You can see a preview of what content will be sent to the AI process by clicking “View Attributes” – this will show a table of what content we have for each attribute.

Generating Content

Before generating content, the process will present you with a content job summary, where you can double check that all of the selections you’ve made as part of the content generation process are accurate:

Click Confirm & Generate Content to kick off the generation process.

Once you start generating content, each job will be in a Queued state while it waits to be processed:

The job states will automatically update when finished. In the finished state, you can review both the input data that was sent to the AI generation process, as well as the output content. If you would like to use the product data that the AI generation process created, click Accept. If you would like to take no further action on that product, click Ignore.

Once you’ve selected which results you’d like to continue the process with, click Review & Publish.

Publishing Content

Before publishing, RoughDraftPro will present you with a summary of which products and content it will use to write back to Akeneo with, as well as the field it will write back to.

Once you click Publish, each write back process will be set to a Queued state.

The status will automatically refresh as each update is completed:

Once all processes are done, you can click Next: Job Summary to see a summary of all data written back to Akeneo.

That’s it! You’ve just generated some product using artificial intelligence!


  • RoughDraftPro works with product data only.
  • RoughDraftPro currently only works in English. English locales (starting with en_) are the only supported locales at this time.
  • RoughDraftPro is only able to write back to text area attributes.