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Introducing RoughDraftPro – AI-Generated Product Content at Enterprise Scale

Making Data Extraction from PDFs Easy and Efficient with RoughDraftPro

March 2, 2023

RoughDraftPro is the future of copywriting for e-commerce. Generate high-quality product descriptions, feature bullets, and more in seconds, all at a fraction of the cost of human writers.

Sitation is proud to announce the launch of RoughDraftPro, a powerful suite of AI-enabled tools designed to generate rich product content, including descriptions, feature bullets, and “below the fold” A+ content, from product specifications.

Combining our extensive experience in working with enterprise catalogs and the latest in large language model AI technologies from OpenAI, including GPT-3 and ChatGPT, RoughDraftPro is designed for the complexity and scale of large enterprise catalogs.

  • Out-of-the-box integrations to multiple PIM platforms, with more on the way
  • Customizable output by brand, category, or channel
  • Capable of generating long-form descriptive content, feature bullets, even complex HTML landing pages
  • 100x the speed of human writers at a fraction of the cost

If you are interested in using RoughDraftPro, we are currently in private beta and accepting applications from retailers, distributors, brands, and manufacturers to join our pilot. We offer multiple ways to integrate into your e-commerce stack including direct integrations with our platform partners, via our user interface with imports of product data via Excel or CSV, or directly via our API.

Please complete the form to schedule a personalized demo and discussion. Thank you for your interest!


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