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Akeneo Serenity New Features for 2024

June 18, 2024

As Akeneo continues to roll out new platform upgrades, this spring’s release reflects the powerful tool’s focus on product experience. Serenity includes new features designed to improve how Akeneo users can engage their customers and encourage online interaction with products and services. Alongside hands-on Akeneo Certified experts, examine how four of these upgrades can help users reach their customer engagement goals.

In this eBook we discuss:
  • Understanding Akeneo’s Business Analytics
  • Introducing Share Assets: Streamlining Asset Sharing for Akeneo Users
  • AI-Enhanced Enrichment in the PIM
  • Streamlining Product Data Enrichment with Enrichment Workflows


eBook: Akeneo Serenity New Features for 2024

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