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Sitation Adds Akeneo Extension to Marketplace: Version History Export Command

April 12, 2021


Sitation’s first submission to the Akeneo Marketplace is here, bringing with it improved functionality to the build’s version history. For a technical dive into version history, take a look at George Dzuricsko’s previous article on the subject. Akeneo’s version history allows you to track changes to different entities in Akeneo to see who made what changes and when.

That’s powerful functionality, but what if you want to export that for your own data processing? Or if your team requires an audit trail?

Exporting the data via mysql is one option. It’s possible to simply dump the version history table, but there are some limitations to that approach. The database stores the changes as normalized PHP arrays, so any mysql export of the table won’t convert it to another format. Additionally, leveraging Akeneo’s data structures gives you some extra options.

Sitation built this export command to improve ease of use and allow for a number of use cases. Version 1.0 of this command offers the following options:

  • Number of days in the past to export
  • Since a certain date
  • Delimeters and field enclosure for CSV options
  • CSV or XLSX
  • Specifying one of the following supported Akeneo Entities:
    • Channel
    • Locale
    • Category
    • Group
    • Product
    • ProductModel
    • AssociationType
    • Attribute
    • AttributeGroup
    • Family
    • JobInstance

For additional technical details, head over to Akeneo’s marketplace.

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