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Sitation Wins the 2022 Salsify Partner Hackathon

October 4, 2022

Last week, Sitation brought home the gold in the 2022 Salsify Partner Hackathon with a demo of a cutting edge capability – generating long-form product content from basic product specifications using artificial intelligence.

The Sitation team was comprised of Steve Engelbrecht (CEO) along with Adam Fairholm (Senior Product Developer) working alongside Salsify team members for an intense two-day sprint to create interesting, relevant, value-add capabilities leveraging Salsify’s workflow tools.

The end result is an impressive demonstration of the capabilities of artificial intelligence in content creation. From basic product data – product title, category, and some product specs, the Sitation team can now generate selling content that can be used for a short description, feature bullets, or even blog entries about products on an e-commerce website. In a secondary workflow, the completed content is then automatically translated into four different languages.

“We had a lot of fun building this demo in collaboration with Salsify,” said Steve Engelbrecht. “The technology is truly remarkable — the underlying machine learning model has ingested and annotated billions of lines of text, and can be accessed near instantaneously via our custom API endpoints in order to build compelling content. We are more confident than ever that this is the future of content creation for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.”

Sitation recently announced the creation of its Data Science & Analytics team. This honor provides an early win for Sitation’s new investments in providing services to help its customers leverage artificial intelligence.

For more information or to request a demo, please contact us.

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