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E-Commerce New Year’s Resolutions

January 4, 2023

For over 4,000 years people have used the end of one year and the start of another as a time to reflect on past wins and losses. While some of us will resolve to eat differently, exercise our bodies or minds in a new way, or adjust our work life balance, many of us are also eager to set goals that drive company wins. Setting New Year’s resolutions to meet growth opportunities doesn’t have to be just for our personal lives. Let’s take a look at some e-commerce New Year’s resolutions and 2023 goals.


1. Data consistency across platforms


Providing consistent information in every location your products are featured is a common and valuable goal. Simplistic though it may be, it is incredibly easy for accidental variation to creep in. While you may want to tailor the copy that accompanies your products to speak to the customers of a particular digital shelf, having inaccuracies in details is less than ideal. Measurements, materials or ingredients, origin and other fixed information should appear the same across platforms. Information accuracy builds consumer trust.

Utilizing a Product Information Management (PIM) software solution to establish a single source of truth is a forward thinking method for distributing data from one storage location to platforms and sales channels without risk of error or deviation.


2. Increased organic search traffic


Being found by your potential customers is a basic driver for success. Organic search is the occurrence of search engine results leading to site visits. Consistently growing over the last decade, currently 53% of website traffic originates from organic search, making it the primary source. This mind blowing figure alone proves that SEO practices are worth the investment. Moving up a single ranking position can increase your clicks by up to 32%

Content services available through Sitation Managed Services help you evaluate SEO relevance in your existing copy. We take it a step further by helping you generate appealing product descriptions. If generating customer specific content with SEO in mind is on your road map, this is the place to start. 

For a full company SEO overhaul, Plezio Keyword Experience Manager is a tool that lets you drive rankings. Hard data on keywords, as well as known and unrecognized competitors helps you develop a strategy for advertising and content creation. With KEM, you drive that information through a taxonomy connected approach that is unique to your business goals.


4. Automate manual processes 


Slow time to market and error riddled data are among the most common pain points that lead our clients both to PIM solution curiosity and to Sitation consulting. The solution to both these concerns is to automate manual processes. The human touch is critical to the success of many businesses but why not simplify operations in ways that make people more efficient and effective. 

Upstream information flowing into a single solution that can be viewed by all departments eliminates a number of pitfalls. The days of information living in spreadsheets that are manually updated are over. Product data is no longer siloed in individual business segments, requiring one team to wait for another to share. 


5. Data driven customer experience improvement


Customer experience has become a primary drive for many companies. Nearly half of one survey’s participants shared that they have ended a brand relationship after a poor customer service interaction. As you consider how you want to prevent the loss of loyal customers, consider the impact modernizing and automation through PIM software can have on client interaction.

Enhanced content is among the ways Sitation can aid in you offering a satisfying customer experience. According to a 2021 research report, 31% of consumers cite “Not enough information or details provided” as the primary reason they didn’t buy a product online and 45% of shoppers said “high quality images and detailed product descriptions” was one of the top three reasons they trust a product online.


In With the New e-commerce goals


Now that you have stuffed yourself with traditional cuisine said to bring you luck, add these popular year beginning goals to your plan and be sure to include any 2022 leftovers. It is a tall order to accomplish but, with support from veteran consultants, PIM and MDM experts, and SEO gurus accessible through services at Sitation, 2023 can be a year of noteworthy growth and success.

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