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E-BOOK: Syncing Data Between Two Akeneo Community Edition PIMs

January 11, 2023

Is it possible to synchronize the data between two instances of Akeneo PIM? Yes!

In this detailed e-book, expert Don Bales shows you how to do just that for the open-source Akeneo PIM Community Edition. The following contents take you step by step through the process.

Syncing Data Between Two Akeneo Community Edition PIMs

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Three Approaches
    • Nested loops
    • Brute Force
    • Delta
  3. Brute Force Syncing Using node-akeneo-api
    • Syncing With a Shell Script
  4. Delta Syncing Using node-akeneo-syncce
    • Syncing With a Shell Script
    • node-akeneo-syncce Source Code
  5. Conclusion

E-Book: Syncing Data Between Two Akeneo Community Edition PIMs is available for view or download.


Don BalesDon Bales E-book: Akeneo: Syncing Data Between Two Community Edition PIMs Synchronized PIM
Developer Mentor, Sitation

An Information/Systems Architect, Business/Systems Analyst, Software Designer/Developer, and Author, Don Bales is fluent in both business and technology speak, performing the analysis, design, and programming of business solutions. With over thirty five years of experience solving business problems using technology and ample experience in Akeneo PIM installation, implementation, and integration, Bales shares his acquired knowledge through thought leadership publications and consulting. Additionally, Bales is the author of several books on Oracle and Java.

For more on Akeneo or to engage with our certified team of experts contact us here at Sitation.

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