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Managed Services: How Sitation Can Help Eliminate Administrative Ownership Concerns

February 8, 2023

While Sitation may be best known for success in Product Information Management (PIM) implementation, we also provide a number of other valuable business services. Our Managed Services segment offers solution driven opportunities, customizable to the needs of your organization. Let’s take a look at one of the common challenges Managed Services can help you resolve; administrative ownership.

Scenario 1: PIM Champion turnover

You have successfully completed the implementation process for your company’s Salsify instance and with Sitation’s training, your marketing team manages and operates the new PIM. This is proving to be a useful tool, reducing time consuming processes and getting your products to multiple digital shelves quickly. Then, in comes the two week notice of your PIM champion. You hate to see them go but wish them the best of luck. Now what? How do you continue this progress, make changes to your product information, add that additional sales channel, moreover, who is going to manage the day to day functions?

Before you panic, let’s explore how Sitation can solve this new and abrupt challenge.

Managed Services Solution 

While you mull over the value of hiring a replacement Sitation is able to hit the ground running. In fact, you may find that Managed Services eliminates some hiring needs. Your Sitation Managed Services team is already expertly trained and certified, eliminating the need for training and onboarding. This advantage also means that as you find temporary needs to expand your team during new product launches or seasonal catalog changes, Sitation can seamlessly augment your dedicated staff, requiring little to no preparation time. 

Catherine Marquand, Vice President of Data & Content Services, explains that “Our Managed Services is a holistic approach to PIM.”

Managed services

While other companies offer you temporary, help desk style bail out assistance, Sitation will assign dedicated staff; providing consistent feedback through a scheduled weekly update. This opportunity to build a relationship often leads to more than just successful day to day management of Salsify. 

By performing a Salsify performance assessment and generating an optimization plan, your dedicated team will organically identify improvement opportunities. Sitation has deep roots in consulting and professional solutions. Our strategy focused approach starts by simply having the same set of expert eyes on your PIM instance consistently.


Should you later decide to hire a dedicated PIM champion, Sitation’s Managed Services is able to train and enable your new employee while continuing to operate Salsify at its maximum capabilities. We bridge the gap and ease the transition. 

Perhaps you prefer to prevent this challenging scenario from even taking place. Securing Managed Services ahead of personnel change is a forward thinking plan to insulate yourself from turnover risk.


To learn more, schedule a call with Sitation or visit for information on how we can assist your organization with current challenges and prevent new ones.

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