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New and Improved Akeneo Features for 2023

July 12, 2023

After releasing 7.0, Akeneo has been consistently rolling out new, expanded, and updated features and functionality. For those familiar with the platform, this comes as no surprise.

“Deserving the highest praise I can offer, every year Akeneo fixes the biggest platform weakness I’ve encountered.” shared Sitation Senior Director, Solution Architecture George Dzuricsko following Akeneo Unlock 2022.


Akeneo featuresThis remains true year after year and edition after edition. Possibly more exciting an useful, Akeneo does not wait for new editions to release functionality improvements. Instead, they consistently audit and update throughout the year. This spring that meant several expansion.

Check out the blogs below to see how the experts here at Sitation are finding value in new functionality that we can help pass on to you.

Bulk Delete

Akeneo 7.0 further shifts the platform from limited control to allow for attribute bulk deletes; a risky but valuable Akeneo feature.

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Product Activation & Syndication

Akeneo now offers product activation and syndication, eliminating challenges for using this powerful product information management tool to sell on retail channels. Learn more about the value of this new Akeneo feature.

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Time to Market Insights

Check out Akeneo Certified, Solution Consultant Joseph Purayidathil thoughts on Time to Market insights and how to leverage this new Akeneo feature to meet your organization’s goals.

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What’s Next?

Check out Akeneo’s Roadmap to learn what new or improved Akeneo features and functionality are on the way. We are eager to share the thoughts and experiences of our experts as new features add value for our new and existing customers.

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