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How OpenAI is Transforming the Future of Product Content Creation

February 17, 2023

OpenAI is a technology company that is quickly shaking up the way businesses create and distribute all kinds of content; blogs, social media posts, and of course, product content. We’re already seeing a rapidly changing landscape in the scale and quality of both product content creation and image creation produced by AI. Here are some ways to more fully leverage this technology and your PIM this year.

Upgrade your content team from writers to editors in a snap

With the help of AI, businesses can quickly and easily transform their content teams from writers to editors with the click of a button. Starting with good quality draft content elevates your content team and allows them to be much more efficient than starting from scratch. Consider the excitement and intrinsic benefit of repositioning the team’s focus from execution-based content creation to strategic; creating content programs for your brand that go beyond working through this season’s new items. Now this team can focus on crafting refreshed content for your long-running popular items, updating unique supporting content for each of your channels, and optimizing existing product descriptions that didn’t quite hit the mark.

Get rewarded for newness with fresh content on a regular cadence

One of the most powerful benefits of OpenAI’s GPT-3 technology is that it enables teams to write and rewrite new product content on a regular cadence.

Rewriting product content for long-standing products in your assortment gives customers the most accurate and up-to-date product information in the event something has been updated. It also creates an opportunity to include new customer search trends and behaviors in updated copy. This is especially relevant in the fashion industry when new trends are introduced or when trend terms get ‘tired’, or after major disruptions to shopping patterns like COVID.

There is an added benefit of consistent newness from search engines rewarding websites for fresh content. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, businesses can stay ahead of the competition while providing their customers with high-quality product descriptions that are optimized for today’s digital marketplace.

Craft product content from product samples and line plans

With GPT-3, businesses can quickly and easily generate rich product content from a wide range of product spec data, making it easier to create great content earlier in a product’s lifecycle. Now, content teams can generate highly detailed marketing descriptions with just some starting sample spec inputs, which can serve as great placeholder text and give content and sales teams a jumpstart.

Imagine the impact season preview catalogs will make with buyers when they have fully crafted enhanced product descriptions without having to wait to receive a sample.

Now imagine the same benefit of that rich marketing copy, but with the additional impact of crafting specifically formatted content for each of your selling destinations and their unique buyer’s preferences.

Leverage optimized product content, specifically built for each destination

Scale your product content program and ability to win on the digital shelf by crafting content that is optimized for each destination’s requirements and brand. Your team can use AI to scale iterations of product content; keeping the highest-quality content destined for your primary channel, and then building iterative and unique content for the remaining key destinations. Crafting product content, especially for a given retailer’s requirements improves product listing performance and sales at that retailer. That unique content requires less transformation and is inherently a closer match to what end consumers are searching for on that platform. 

Ready to get started?

Leveraging AI-content creation within Salsify and Akeneo

Leverage in-platform PIM functionality for AI-based content creation with Salsify and Akeneo from Sitation. This in-platform technology lets you start with an existing template, specifically built to create rich product content from existing product spec attributes – all without leaving your PIM.


Open AI AI Content Open AI AI ContentLook for Sitation’s new product content creation workflow in the Salsify workflow library starting in late February.

Look for Sitation’s new product content app in the Akeneo App Store starting in early March.

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Interested in working with Sitation on how to fully leverage this new technology this year (even if you do not use Salsify or Akeneo)? Reach out, we’re excited to help.

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