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Does Salsify Integrate with Magento?

Salsify is a cloud-based product information management (PIM) system that helps brands to manage, enrich, and syndicate their product data across all channels, including ecommerce platforms like Magento.

Salsify’s Magento Connector

Salsify does offer an integration with Magento, and it allows brands to syndicate their product data from Salsify directly to their Magento instance, making it easier to manage product information across all channels from one central system.

Magento is notoriously complex when it comes to managing product data, so Salsify’s integration is a valuable tool for websites on this platform. Salsify’s Magento connector makes it easy to keep product information up-to-date and accurate, without having to manually update each individual product page, a task that can become extremely frustrating, especially with complex product models. This not only saves time, but also ensures that customers always have the most accurate information about products.

How Sitation Can Help

Sitation is a major partner to Salsify and can help with anything from data enrichment to channel syndication to ecommerce integration. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your product information management!

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Need Assistance with Salsify?

As Salsify’s first and only Platinum Implementation Partner, Sitation is uniquely equipped to help you design, implement, and manage your Salsify instance.

We have implemented hundreds of brands and manufacturers to the platform, and offer expertise in data modeling, digital asset management, GDSN, and more to help you compete and win on the digital shelf.

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