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Akeneo 6.0 – The Latest in Enterprise Content Management

homegrown PIM to Akeneo

December 14, 2022

By Akeneo Certified, Solution Consultant Joseph Purayidathil

Akeneo Product Information Management (PIM) system is a part of Akeneo’s Customer Experience Management technology that helps businesses manage their product data. PIM solutions have become increasingly important as companies continue to grow the amount of product information they need to manage. We share frequently about the value a PIM solution but it boils down to the accurate up to date data and improvement in customer experience. The business value is often a reduction in manual processes, a faster time to market, increased visibility, and greater data integrity to name a few.  

Among the recognized strengths of Akeneo is their commitment to consistently release new product editions to address business needs. Generally these are annual updates that incorporate new features or upgrades to existing benefits. Sitation’s Senior Director, Solution Architecture, George Dzuricsko has previously shared his thoughts on the value of these edition updates.

Akeneo users are encouraged to stay up to date. With each new edition, users are better able to collect, manage, and enrich product information, create product catalogs, and distribute information to sales and eCommerce channels in one place. Staying current with Akeneo releases can help PIM users get the most out of their Akeneo investment.

As a certified Akeneo expert who works with the functionality of the platform daily, I have been working with the latest version, Akeneo 6.0 since its March 2022 release.  Akeneo is available in Community Edition, Growth Edition, and Enterprise Edition. The Serenity Edition is available for EE and GE and is a SaaS Application. I am excited to highlight the benefits and value offered by this new Enterprise edition.


Key Benefits of Akeneo 6.0 

Akeneo 6.0 will be supported until September 30, 2023. It has many improvements that make users more productive and allow for better product information management governance. 

These include:

  • New Table Attribute allows new structured product data that can be used to filter and find products more easily. Being able to store additional structured content

table attributes Akeneo 6.0


  • Tailored Exports to allow more control for export profiles. Save time when exporting product information, including product selection and defining product export structure (ordering columns, naming, concatenating columns). Interested in learning more? 


Assets deleted in mass Akeneo 6.0



user import Akeneo 6.0


  • Exports and API’s have been enhanced to support Product Completeness and Product Quality Scores


  • And finally, the proposal screen has been updated to allow users to better manage proposals. The new proposal screen makes it easier and faster for users to review suggestions by teammates and contributors.


These new expansive benefits help Akeneo users meet their automation goals as well as scale their operations but there is more to take note of. Additionally, key features make up a big part of each edition advancement and 6.0 takes the total key features up to 21. 


Find The Full Feature List Update

Visit the Akeneo Help Center for more details on the features of and the ability to compare each edition. Akeneo releases updated features for Serenity customers as they are released.

If you are new to Akeneo, a long time user, or anywhere in between, the certified team of experts here at Sitation is both capable and eager to help you make upgrades and learn to manage your solution. While Serenity users may only require some support and guidance for taking advantage of the new features, PaaS edition users will need to complete an update. Is it time to consider upgrading to Serenity? Let us answer your questions and help you plan for the future.

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