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E-Book: Using Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition as a Vendor Portal

March 16, 2023

Are you using Akeneo PIM as your Product Information Management (PIM) system? Do you have tens or hundreds of manufacturers (vendors) from which you need to acquire product information? If so, then consider using Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition as your vendor portal.

Don Bales is back with yet another insightful Akeneo e-book. In these work, Bales methodically explains the process in detail so that you can replicate the solution yourself.

E-Book: Using Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition as a Vendor Portal is available for view or download.

Using Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition as a Vendor Portal

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Using Categories to Provide Multitenancy
  3. Vendor Portal Setup
    • Create User Group Administrator
    • Create User Groups for Vendors
    • Create Categories for Vendors
    • Update Permissions on Role User
    • Create Users
    • Adding an Admin SKU
  4. Syncing Catalog Data with node-akeneo-syncvp
    • Concepts
    • Syncing with a Shell Script
    • node-akeneo-syncvp Source Code
  5. Conclusion

Don BalesDon Bales E-book: Using Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition as a Vendor Portal
Solution Architect, Sitation

An Information/Systems Architect, Business/Systems Analyst, Software Designer/Developer, and Author, Don Bales is fluent in both business and technology speak, performing the analysis, design, and programming of business solutions. With over thirty five years of experience solving business problems using technology and ample experience in Akeneo PIM installation, implementation, and integration, Bales shares his acquired knowledge through thought leadership publications and consulting. Additionally, Bales is the author of several books on Oracle and Java.

Be on the look out for upcoming Akeneo Office Hours where Don Bales is scheduled to be a special guest and engage with the topics of his many e-books.

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