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Managed Services: Using Your Current Solutions to Grow and Scale

March 15, 2023

As we continue to explore Managed Services solutions, you will find that the offerings are diverse. What makes Sitation’s Managed Services unique is that while we adapt to customize a team to meet your primary needs, we are also looking for opportunities for improvement in the process. Working with you to create a strategy to meet your goals and resolve challenges is central to our customer focused values. 


Scenario 2: Scale & Growth


It’s time to grow! Sure, business is good but what can be done to take this success to the next level. We are doing things internally, like expanding our product offerings but ultimately, how do we reach a new and continuously growing customer base? How do we outperform our competitors?


Managed Services Solution


Let us help make good great. Sitation Managed Services is a practical and functional way to scale and grow your business. Beginning with diagnostic solutions like a platform health check, your dedicated account management team will seek software based opportunities for improvement. As they gain more knowledge about your processes, they can assist you in developing a roadmap with your growth goals in mind.

managed services grow and scale

We find that PIM and PXM solutions like Salsify or Akeneo are not always being maximized. At times the cause is due to personnel changes like in scenario 1, lack of or forgotten training, or even just “old habits die hard”. Whatever the cause, the Sitation team can improve the condition by optimizing your software usage.

Fortunately, that is just the beginning. Managed Services implements and enables you to activate new methods, features, and workflows to improve your operational efficiency. These introductions may be new to you or the functionality new to the technology platforms you already utilize. Activating platform expertise and foundational knowledge of best practices gives you an advantage.

Creating a plan, collaborating on a strategic roadmap, and optimizing technical solutions are ways to scale your business but ultimately improving customer experience and expanding syndication are the necessary conversion drivers. Fortunately, they are all things you can manage and actively control. Our expert team can help you master these with your existing PIM solution or make recommendations for the most effective tools. 

To learn more, schedule a call with Sitation or visit for information on how we can help your organization achieve current growth goals.

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