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Amazon 3P Sellers Join the Migration to SP-API

November 16, 2022

Change is once again afoot with Amazon.

Back in January, we explained the introduction of Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) and the adjustments that customers connecting to Amazon would need to make.

At that time, support through the new SP-API was not available to third party (3P) sellers; those who use Marketplace Web Systems (MWS) to connect to Amazon, but that update was promised to arrive sometime during 2022. Well, it is here.

Time to Migrate

Migration is already underway for the change from MWS to the exclusive use of SP-API. 

For Salsify users, this is a change to be aware of but not one that requires much effort. Salsify, whose connection previously sent content via MWS has adjusted the connection to deliver by SP-API for existing connections.

While Salsify has updated the connection, Salsify administrators are asked to provide permission.

“To continue publishing your Amazon Seller Central channels, you will need to authorize Salsify to publish via this new method by November 18th.”

All administrators in your Salsify org should have received an email providing an easy link for authorizing this change. Search “Action Required” in your inbox to find this communication. Please reach out to your customer success manager if you are unable to locate it. 

Authenticate Salsify for SP-API

What is next on the timeline?


November 18th: Deadline for customers to authenticate Salsify to publish on their behalf via the Selling Partner API.

December: Salsify will start delivering product content from the Amazon Seller Central direct connection to the new SP-API endpoint.


January: Limited release phase begins. Customers will have new Amazon Seller Central Selling Partner Connection channels enabled in their orgs and have the ability to start mapping and publishing. Note: only the US marketplace will be supported initially. Additional marketplaces will be added in the future.

To learn more, schedule a call with Sitation or visit for information on how we can assist your organization with these important changes.

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