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The New Amazon API has Arrived: Here is What Salsify Users Need to Know

January 24, 2022

As industry leaders in digital retail, Amazon continues to improve the process for vendors to introduce their product lines to the digital shelf in the most direct, practical, and up to date fashion. This consistent drive towards efficient to market protocols has led Amazon to introduce a new Application Programming Interface (API) that allows for syndication via a globally accessible channel. 

As Amazon transitions from its Amazon Feed Specifications (AFS) API to Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API), Salsify users will need to make adjustments to continue selling effectively in the Amazon space. 

“Because the old Salsify Amazon AFS API connection will deprecate officially as of Feb 28th, clients using the AFS connection will have to either transition to the new SP-API through Salsify or go back to working directly through the Amazon vendor portal to load their information.” explains Stephani Niston, Operations Manager, Data and Content Services for Sitation. 

While there is still time to avoid being without the new SP-API, it is recommended that this transition be prioritized so that your company and internal Salsify team can adjust to the new program, ahead of new product releases and content editing needs. 

What does all this mean?

  • If you are syndicating to Amazon, you will need to migrate to the new Amazon SP-API Channel in Salsify
  • You will need to complete this migration by February 28, 2022
  • Content submissions via the now replaced AFS will no longer be accepted

Why should you make the change?

  • Faster publishing time to Amazon and real-time data requirement feedback
  • Syndication support for Supplier Pack Hierarchy (SPH) attributes
  • The ability to publish content and submit images via the app with feedback

What if you don’t?

  • You’ll lose the ability to publish to the Amazon Digital Shelf 
  • Risk content errors
  • Labor inefficiencies
  • Increased time to market
  • Limitations to Amazon shelf growth

How can you make the change?

  • Let Sitation help! Our Management Services team is eager to assist you in making the Amazon API transition correctly and understanding how this changes your workflow. Let us absorb the task of this channel migration while providing detailed training to ensure you are able to continue managing your PIM. 
  • You can make the change yourself! Salsify has been thorough in its provision of instructional documents. They have provided information on the transition as well as instructional documentation accessible in your Salsify knowledge base. 

Your ability to continue making efficient updates and additions to your product offerings and content on Amazon is vital to your continued success. Why not let us help?

To learn more, schedule a call with Sitation or visit for information on how we can assist your organization with these important changes.

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