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CASE STUDY: Sitation Led Akeneo Implementation Leads to Measurable Success for Revalize

homegrown PIM to Akeneo

August 17, 2022

Here at Sitation, each PIM implementation is an exciting journey. Being a part of a company’s growth plan means we often witness the before, during, and after of new PIM software adoption. While each time the results are an impressive scaling success story, it is especially fulfilling when we can see the measurable impact.

In the spring of 2021, Sitation began a project to implement  Akeneo PIM for  AutoQuotes. As an Akeneo gold partner, Sitation is an integral part of enabling new Akeneo customers. The product Sitation aimed to help improve creation efficiency of and access to was not tangible, and the initial client company made major internal transitions during the project. Now a division of Revalize, this new client changed processes and productivity with the adoption of Akeneo but also managed to do it while reducing, restructuring, and retraining the department Akeneo was acquired to help most.

Working with the premier out of the box functionality of Akeneo allows us to reduce the human process in massive updates and decrease the manual product creation lift by 50%. Not only is that a resource saver, it improves our ability to deliver accurate product data and that is our ultimate value to our customers.”

-Jim Starr, Director of Content Services, Revalize

The capabilities of Akeneo helped, the CPQ software provider decrease their per product creation cost by 71%. With a 55% increase in the volume of completed products, Revalize is a superb example of the value of Akeneo. This impressive and measurable result is part of why Sitation and Revalize were awarded the 2022 PXM Experience Award at Akeneo’s Unlock conference in Paris.

Visit CASE STUDY: Sitation + Akeneo + Revalize  for a high quality and downloadable understanding of the success and impact of this team project.




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