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Getting Started with Enhanced Content: What to Know and Where to Start

March 31, 2023

By Sitation Project Manager, Billie Smith

enhanced content


What is Enhanced Content?

Enhanced content is the extra bit of information on a product page designed to draw people in and make them stay. Whether it’s an array of images, product features, videos or detailed feature images with bullets, enhanced content is meant to engage your customer’s senses and push them to add your product to their cart.

Text Alone Just Doesn’t Do It Anymore

If you want shoppers to stay engaged with your product page, enhanced content is the way to go. It’s always beneficial to make sure your business is staying ahead of the competition and one great way to do that is by utilizing below-the-fold elements on your product pages. Visitors can see product highlights and really get an understanding of what your product offers. On average product pages with enhanced content have 15% higher conversion rates!*

What to Include?

A great starting place is content that highlights the benefits of your products or brands in a compelling and visual way. This can include brand banners, infographics, detail images, lifestyle images, product videos and more! Interactive modules like feature tours are also a fun way to engage your customers to learn more about your product! Whether you want to create a brand story or focus on a specific product, the possibilities are endless!

Where to get Started?

If you’re struggling to know where to start when creating enhanced content, Salsify is the perfect solution. Here at Sitation, we partner with Salsify on many projects for Enhanced Content and their users. Salsify provides an easy way to get content up and running on major retailers’ websites with easy-to-use modules. Those retailers include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Lowes and so many more!

Questions about how we can help you supercharge your e-commerce offering? Please get in touch today!

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