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Ai product content

April 5, 2023

Just a few weeks ago, Sitation took a team of five to Paris for Akeneo’s Unlock PXM Conference. At this annual global event, full of networking and exciting industry updates, Sitation founder and CEO, Steve Englebrecht presented a workshop to display the value and the power of using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create product content in Akeneo.

This exclusive event quickly sold out, was moved to a larger space, and then the audience expanded through standing room. With such demand, we are pleased to bring that same content to you!

Explore the future of content creation with this presentation. Examine an approach to creating high-quality product content in Akeneo. Enjoy learning more about the value of AI to product descriptions and see a demonstration of Sitation’s newly released Akeneo app, RoughDraftPro AI Product Content Creator.

RoughDraftPro is the ultimate content generation tool for any product marketing team. Version 1 of this app is powered by GPT-3, RoughDraftPro lets you generate high-quality product descriptions and features in seconds, saving you time and money. With RoughDraftPro, you can create multiple content types, from short descriptions to feature bullets, all while driving growth with better content.


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AI product content in Akeneo


RoughDraftPro: AI Product Content Creator

The full version of RoughDraftPro is much more powerful, and is tailored to each client’s specific data model and needs. Specific content types (descriptions, bullets, even complex HTML) can be created, with outputs meeting specific requirements for length, brand voice, and more. Brands you know are actively beta testing this revolutionary tool to not only create new product descriptions from existing data but also to refresh existing content and breathe new life as well as changes in brand voice into older descriptions. Dramatically reduce the time commitment and the cost of drafting unique and accurate content for individual marketplaces. RoughDraftPro also integrates with your PIM, removing error introducing steps from your copywriting process.

Contact us to inquire about the capabilities of a full implementation and see a demonstration using your own product data.



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