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The Evolution of RoughDraftPro

June 28, 2023

In March of 2023, Sitation announced the launch of our new product, RoughDraftPro. Designed to allow enterprise ecommerce operations to leverage generative AI to create product content at scale, in its infancy, RoughDraftPro only skimmed the surface of what is possible with generative AI.

 Now, just over three months later, RoughDraftPro has evolved into a proven solution for a variety of challenges within the realm of product data creation and management.

At the start, RoughDraftPro was capable of outpacing human writers of product copy, easily delivering hundreds of pieces of content in an hour. Our method of creating custom prompt models for each client allowed us to tailor content to a particular brand’s needs, including tone of voice, grammatical preferences, and delivering in a variety of form factors and formats – from simplistic text descriptions to complex HTML outputs for below the fold enhanced copy.  

Just as AI itself has grown and changed exponentially in the past few months, we’ve also learned and grown, incorporating customer feedback and leveraging our learnings from working with large scale clients.  RoughDraftPro is now taking on more complex tasks and increasing efficiencies in novel ways that continue to impress:

  • Scale. Hold onto your hats! We are continually improving our processes and methodologies to allow us to bring content to a truly enterprise scale, and our latest benchmarks are hitting an average of 40,000 pieces of content per hour. It would take the average person more than 3 years of 40-hour work weeks to get through that backlog!
  • Fact checking.  A well-known risk of using generative AI is the tendency for the technology to “hallucinate” – that is, to generate its own facts to augment the results, even if they aren’t accurate. RoughDraftPro now has the capability to compare product content to known features and specifications, verifying whether the details match. We’re incorporating this into our content generation processes for clients, but it can also be applied to existing content that was written by your team, vendors, or other technologies.
  • Multi-language translations. Although OpenAI has had the capability to translate English to other languages for a while now, it didn’t meet our high standards for readability and sounding natural to a native speaker. We are now leveraging the latest released technology from OpenAI, GPT-4, to successfully generate product content in a variety of languages.
  • SEO integration and generation. Optimizing for search, whether it’s for external search engines like Google or proprietary platforms like Walmart, is essential for any ecommerce operation. RoughDraftPro has proven its ability to incorporate SEO keywords and phrases into new content generations, rewrite existing content to incorporate keywords, or even generate recommended keywords for listing optimization for sites like Amazon.

Although we’ve made some pretty big strides, we’re not done innovating. We’re currently working on expanding our RoughDraftPro software integrations beyond our current offerings of Akeneo and Salsify, with Stibo currently underway. We’re also continuing to innovate new ways to apply generative AI to the overall product management process, including using AI to assist in taxonomy creation and product classification.

As the novel shine of generative AI is starting to wear thin, rest assured that Sitation remains focused on going beyond the party trick of simply generating content, to get at the heart of the real-world applicability of generative AI technologies and how they can help real enterprise businesses be more effective and efficient.


You are also now able to demo RoughDraftPro on your own. While this is helpful, we are happy to help you get started by creating a demo using your own unique product information.


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