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Who are Salsify’s Competitors?

As a player in the PIM/PXM space, Salsify faces a number of competitors, including some well-funded startups. The PIM/PXM market is still emerging, so there are a number of companies vying for market share. Salsify’s main competitors include Syndigo, Akeneo, Inriver, and Pimcore.

Salsify is a powerful competitor in this space, with a suite of features that helps brands win on the digital shelf. But the company faces stiff competition from a number of well-funded startups. Sitation has worked with Salsify since 2020, and today is proud to be Salsify’s highest volume implementation partner with more than 150 implementations completed as of Q1 2022.

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Need Assistance with Salsify?

As Salsify’s first and only Platinum Implementation Partner, Sitation is uniquely equipped to help you design, implement, and manage your Salsify instance.

We have implemented hundreds of brands and manufacturers to the platform, and offer expertise in data modeling, digital asset management, GDSN, and more to help you compete and win on the digital shelf.

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